Make the move from your home smooth and sensible.

Your home is a major investment asset, are you maximizing your return by getting the best price?

"Staging" means: creating appeal for home shoppers the same way retail stores create window displays - polishing and presenting the product in the best and most eye-catching way! When selling a cherished family home, it is essential to consider each room of your house as it will be imagined by a home buyer. They need to envision *their lives* in the house, and we make that happen.


    What we do:

  1. Initial consult
  2. Create a room by room schedule
  3. Stage home to sell 
  4. Transition you to your new home 



BEFORE                                                                               AFTER    

Not only a design expert, but also a Registered Nurse!

Being a Registered Nurse and a gal with an eye-for-design, I have a unique ability to determine a home owner's needs when selling. I am able to assist with what is needed in a home while it is on the market. I can help assess each room with you and decide what may be needed in your future home before you begin packing. I will transform your home so it appeals to buyers all while discussing what will be needed for your future home as well. Being a 'Decorating-Nurse' I am able to help you and your family make choices about where your items will be most useful, and which to keep or let go. 

FACT: the vast majority of residential buyers judge a house by the pictures online.
Buyers will move on to another listing in less than a minute if a house looks cluttered or overly personalized. Homes with simplicity that show off the rooms character will get the most interest. Staging Partners LLC gives you just that. 

Staging increases your return when selling a home. 

Being a nurse, I am sensitive to those with unique physical needs when re-arranging the home and belongings. Safety and security is a priority as home owners usually remain in their home during the sale. As an experienced RN and designer I will Stage your home and help you transition into your new home.

BEFORE                                                                               AFTER  

Sellers have one chance to make a first impression.

  • A Staged home has top dollar potential
  • Staging brings in more showings and higher offers
  • Staging encourages more interest and activity which leads to more offers and higher appraisals